Southern Highlands Wedding Photographers


As husband and wife, expecting parents for the second time, and best friends, we

are David and Rebecca of Something Unique Photography.




I bought my first camera at the age of 14 and haven’t stopped buying them since.

As the principal photographer of Something Unique Photography I am the

‘gadget man’. With gadgets all over the house I am always playing with something

new. My love of photography started in high school, and I planned to be a

photographer when I 'grew up'. A few other things happened along the way but I

eventually found my way back to what I love.



I have always dabbled in the arts, learning music as a child and studying Dance as I

got older. After meeting David it was inevitable that the art of Photography was

something I would grow to love. I am the digital artist of Something Unique

Photography and find nothing more rewarding than sharing my art with you and your




With David’s business approach and Rebecca’s creativity brought together, it has

given Something Unique Photography the strength it required to become what it is

today. Whilst maintaining a high standard in professionalism from shoot to print, we

capture the personality and beauty of our clients.

Ensuring the experience is enjoyable for everyone, in a relaxed and fun environment,

each individual's uniqueness is reflected in the pictures we take.

Our sessions are more like friends sitting around chatting and having fun,

while sessions with kids are full of laughs and giggles.

Play and exploration are encouraged with our young subjects and their

families and we look at the session as an experience to be enjoyed and



Please contact the studio to make a booking, or for further information.